Our mission: Enable a brighter future for children

By fighting the myopia epidemic
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Did you know

  • 80% of learning happens
    through vision1
  • 1 in 3 children cannot see the
    board clearly2

The younger a child develops myopia, the further it progresses and the higher the prescription may become.

More children are getting myopia at younger ages – partly due to a rise in sedentary indoor lifestyles and an increasing amount of time spent in near activities.

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By 2050,

  • 50% of the global population is
    predicted to be myopic
  • 1 billion people with
    high myopia3

Fighting the myopia epidemic through education

Eyestar™ Mission is an awareness program for children (aged 6 to 10) and their parents. Join us on a space adventure to learn about clear vision and myopia in a fun and interactive way.

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Eyestar™ Mission is
designed to make an impact

  • Engaging
    Built around a story and gamified
  • Positive
    Empowers children to take ownership of their eye-health
  • Interactive and inclusive
    Children and parents can participate together

How to join the mission

  1. Choose the mission route you want to complete
  2. Launch the Eyestar™ Mission!
  3. Have fun and spread the word

Meet Charlie, Skyler & Eyo

Charlie is a young astronaut exploring the galaxy on her spaceship who will befriend Skyler, a lost alien kid, after an unexpected encounter caused by his myopia! Their friendship is the start of an exciting adventure across 5 planets to find Eyo, a mysterious inventor with special tools that can help Skyler correct and control his myopia.

  • Charlie
  • Skyler
  • Eyo

Ready to take-off?
Choose your Eyestar™ Mission!

Launch the Digital Experience

Anywhere, anytime, fully digital. Kids can follow the adventures of Charlie & Skyler on their own and play fun games along the way.

1 session
of 45min

Launch the Fast-Track

Carry-out the mission in-person and in the quickest way. You can launch this version of the mission with one child or a group.

5 sessions
of 45min
to 1.5h

Launch the Full Curriculum

If you’ve got a big group of kids with lots of time for an exciting adventure, launch this version of the mission.

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Would you like to know more about the program, or run the Eyestar™ Mission with a group of children and get support? Feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

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Did you know?

What is myopia?

When a child can see close objects clearly, but objects farther away appeared blurred4, they might be myopic

Learn more

Myopia can progress rapidly in children

A myopic child might become more myopic over time

Learn more

Correcting myopia is not enough to slow down myopia progression

Myopia control solutions slow down myopia progression

Learn more

Early and regular vision checks are important!

To check on myopia progression and protect your child’s eye health

Find a myopia expert

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